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24/7/365 Mobile Security Trailer

Video Trailer Monitoring

Eyes On Your Job Site, No Matter How Remote

Video surveillance solutions are most effective when they monitored by live security agents at a UL listed central station monitoring center. By leasing a unit from Defender Security Trailers, you can have access to 24/7 around-the-clock live-camera monitoring, no matter how remote your job site location.

Having the presence of a Defender Surveillance Trailer in a neighborhood, parking lot, or construction site can significantly discourage criminal behavior, reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism, or other illegal activities. Defender surveillance camera trailers offer the advantage of rapid deployment, remote monitoring and the flexibility of placing cameras in off the grid locations.

Smart Alerts Proactively expose activity

Essential Job Site Features

Powerful AI Provides accurate alerts most camera systems provide generic ‘motion detection’ notifications or false alerts. Defender uses technologies that provide a completely new experience with AI (artificial intelligence) generated detail and accurate alerts reducing false notifications.

Remote Live Viewing

Monitor your site with Cellular Connected Hardware with Live Monitoring available to monitor your property real time. Wi-Fi Hotspot available.

Talk Down Speaker

Once the motion alarm is activated, it alerts the monitoring center, where a live security agent will verify the event as an intrusion. The agent will issue a warning over the talk down speaker, or play a pre-recorded message that prompts the intruder to flee and deter unwanted activity.

Video Verification = Priority responses

It is imperative for contractors and builders to safeguard their assets, building sites, and themselves from smart criminals who prey on the weak during off-peak hours. Our solar-powered portable surveillance trailers can significantly lower the projected loss a business may incur on a construction project when strategically positioned on a jobsite.

Red/Blue Strobe Light & Sound

Our portable security trailers are equipped with colored strobe lights on each security trailer mimic the flashing of police vehicle lights, and sounds drawing attention to intrusions.

Police Dispatch

Monitor your site with Cellular Connected Hardware with Live Monitoring available to monitor your property real time.