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CES business security systems don’t just record crime when it happens, they help to prevent it. With outdoor security cameras that detect lurkers and scare them away, door access camera that detects and protects packages, and smart locks, lighting, and security sensors—your business is always protected.

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Commercial Access Control Systems

The main component in any access control system is the control panel. It communicates with and manages the various other devices installed throughout the facility. Our systems include an “integrated” panel that also provides intrusion, all in a single unit. The primary devices in an access control system are: Electronic Hardware: Each protected door needs to be equipped with an electronic lock that can be remotely controlled. Prox Readers: Card readers where users swipe their cards, or proximity devices that users pass their fobs or access cards over. Keypads: Where users can enter an access code to open a door, and system managers can modify the authority level of Request-to-Exit Devices: Motion sensors, buttons, or crash bars used to bypass a door or release an electronic lock. High Security Readers: Based on the MIFARE platform, the high security reader is a globally accepted, secure, and versatile access control solution. To ensure the integrity of radio frequency (RF) data transactions, data communication between cards and readers is encrypted using a powerful key; furthermore, readers and credentials challenge each other’s keys during the validation process. system users, as well as perform other programming functions.

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CES Systems services and installs many different commercial and residential systems to include both DMP, Honeywell Vista and Bosch Security Systems.

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